Welcome to the website of the Aviation Historical Society of Australia.


The AHSA was formed in Melbourne in 1959 by a group of people interested in recording and promoting Australian aviation history. The first issue of the AHSA Journal, now called Aviation Heritage, and a newsletter was also distributed to members. Aviation Heritage is the published record of Australian aviation history, researched by members and others and submitted to the editor.  AHSA is Australia’s oldest established Aviation historical society and has members in all states of Australia and worldwide.


The aims of the Society are:

  • To encourage and assist the research, writing and recording of Australian aviation history;
  • To record the achievements of Australian aviation and its people;
  • To produce publications relating to Australian aviation history;
  • To provide a forum for the discussion of events in Australian aviation history; and
  • To liaise with relevant entities and parties to further the aims of the Society.


For historical and legal reasons the AHSA currently operates as three separate incorporated bodies:

  • AHSA Inc
    (incorporated in Victoria 19 August 1996). AHSA Inc produces the journal ‘Aviation Heritage’ and operates this website for the use and benefit of all AHSA members.
    President: Dave Prossor (president@ahsa.org.au)
    Secretary: Allan Trower (secretary@ahsa.org.au)
    Website: www.ahsa.org.au
  • AHSA (NSW) Inc
    President: Paul Ewoldt (paul.ewoldt@hotmail.com)
    Secretary: Paul Ewoldt
  • AHSA (Qld) Inc
    (incorporated in Queensland 15 September 2017)
    President: Warwick Henry (whenry@jowar.com.au)
    Secretary: Don Furlonger (dgf811@yahoo.com.au)
    Website: www.ahsaqld.org.au

The journal Aviation Heritage is only available to members of the above organisations.

AHSA Inc have encouraged the incorporation of AHSA in other states in an endeavour to grow, develop and create a physical AHSA presence across Australia and to provide for a greater exchange of ideas and articles between states. It also allows for “own state” member meetings in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland.

Membership of AHSA

Membership application forms and cost information can be obtained from our website.

New applicants are encouraged to join via the state of their residence where that is an option and to participate in regular meetings and activities. However membership can be maintained directly with AHSA Inc.