About the AHSA

The Aviation Historical Society is Australia’s preeminent organisation dedicated to researching, recording and sharing our rich aviation heritage.

The Aviation Historical Society of Australia Inc. (AHSA) was formed in Melbourne in 1959, making the AHSA, Australia’s longest established aviation history society. Today, the AHSA has members in all states of Australia, and around the world, including New Zealand, the USA and the UK. 

Our Statement of Purpose is:

  • To encourage and assist the research and writing of Australian aviation history
  • To record the achievements of Australian aviation and its people
  • To produce journals relating to Australian aviation history
  • To provide a forum for the discussion of events in Australian aviation history
  • To preserve documents and artefacts significant to Australian aviation history
  • To liaise with other relevant organisations to further the aims of the Society

The AHSA is a not for profit organisation.

We welcome anyone interested in Australian aviation history to join the AHSA. By joining, you’ll enjoy our quarterly journal ‘Aviation Heritage’, dedicated to uniquely Australian aviation topics, and rarely covered elsewhere, in depth and with accuracy and often for the first time. Most articles are written by our members, and all members are invited to submit articles and photographs for inclusion in Aviation Heritage.

You’ll also receive our newsletter that keeps members up to date on research projects, AHSA events and requests for information by other members.

New South Wales branch members also enjoy a monthly two page newsletter entitled Southern Skies and a two page historical attachment Loops & Landings.

Communication between AHSA members is fostered by publication of a Members Interests List, giving details of members’ contact and aviation interests.

The AHSA is the home of Australian Aviation historical research. If you’re interested in the history of Australian aviation, join today!


The elected Committee for 2016-2017 includes:

President – David Prossor

David (Dave) has long been involved with aircraft and aviation since his early days. He took a trial flight in a DH Chipmunk in 1964 and it only confirmed his desire to be involved with flying. At age 17 he started flight training. He obtained his private pilots licence and later his commercial licence. He is still flying. These days he is a flight instructor and on-demand domestic aircraft ferry pilot. Dave is also looking after interstate pilots by conducting required pilot flight reviews. He has flown over 160 aircraft makes and models and logged over 10,000 flight hours. He is also a member of the Australian National Aviation Museum at Moorabbin airport. Dave initially joined the AHSA in the 1960s. Later he joined the Antique Aeroplane Association of Australia and became the founding editor of the AAAA magazine, Rag & Tube. With a keen interest in aircraft of all types, in particular the older types, Dave became the Warbirds column writer in Australian Aviation magazine in 1984. He continues to write that column and since 2000 has been writing the pilot orientated column, the Right Hand Seat. 1979 saw Dave commence work as an Air Show Announcer, something that he continues to do. In the late 1980s Dave became the tour manager for a number of tours to the USA and later New Zealand. He took aviation enthusiasts to the US with the key feature being a visit to the world famed Oshkosh aviation convention and aircraft gathering. Along the way he developed a love of floatplane flying and after obtaining his floatplane ticket did several seasons flying floats in Tasmania. That passion for flying and aviation history continues unabated with a keen interest in seeing Australia aviation history recorded for future generations to appreciate.

Mobile: 0419 837 410

Committee – Roland Jahne

Secretary – Allan Trower

Treasurer – Robert van Woerkom

Membership Secretary – David Knight

Editor, Aviation Heritage – Neil Follett

Editor, AHSA Newsletter – Keith Gaff

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